TELEPLAN - ProConsult

Copmany details:

TELEPLAN was formed in 1978 offering consultancy services in the fields of Electrical engineering and Telecommunications.TELEPLAN is specialized in the area of electronic media, hotel and office projects as well as studies.

Since 1989 the fields of Mechanical Engineering, heating, cooling, ventiation, sanitary works and air-conditioning are covered within our group by SELTECH Ltd.To manage the new requirements of the global market TELEPLAN and SELTECH created partnerships with the following companies and work groups:

A 100% subsidary company ofTELEPLAN, -TELEPLAN SNG - was founded in 1995 in the Russian Federation which holds all licenses to plan and build in the CIS. (license renewed till 2002)

In 1996 ProConsult Ltd. was founded,, initially for projects in the medical field, but later to be expanded to project development and project financing.

Furthermore a long standing cooperation with Austrian and international Consultants and Clients allows us to offer an attractive know-how with efficiently used personne, covering a wide range from simple housing estates to high technologyprojects. The services - including specialists for acoustics, electronics and software as well as operational specialtists - can be made available from the office in Vienna or at the Clients premises.

Due to a major restructuring of our group in 1996 SELTECH Ltd. was merged as a seperate division into ProConsult Ltd. and it is planned for this year to furthermore include TELEPLAN as well as TELEPLAN SNG

ProConsult, TELEPLAN and SELTECH have proven in many projects that we are either independently or in cooperation with our partner companies able to fulfil national as well as international contracts to the fullest satisfaction of our clients. With the most modern office- and communication technology as well as with our state of the art CAD-system we are able to produce fast and cost effective results for our clients.

Our consultancy and systems group is not linked to any equipment supplier in order to serve our clients in thei best interest an independent Consultants. Our staff, however, is Geneva as well as with the "Institute for technical Cooperation" (GTZ) in germany and in the "Austrian Association for electrical Engineering" (ÖVE). The companies of our Group are members of various professional associations and institutes such as the prestigious "Austrian theatre technology Institute".

Since 1996 Mr. Michael ROTHMAYER is a registered expert witness for electrical engineering and telecommunications.

For more detailed information about our group(ProConsult, TELEPLAN, Seltech) please contact us.